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- Industrial -

R.E. Yates Electric, Inc. has a reputation for quality on-site services at some of the most sophisticated industrial plants in the country to include nuclear power plants, fossil fuel generation plants, steel manufacturing plants, coke plants, and many other manufacturing sites. Our services include assistance with the design and engineering of complex electrical projects, maintenance and new construction. Our goal is to partner with our industrial clients to reduce their costs through low overhead, design-assist and high productivity, all while setting the standard for safety and in close coordination with plant personnel and the other trades. 

Our Standard Scope of work includes the following CSI Master Format codes: 

  • Division 26 – Electrical

  • Division 27 –Communications (to include optical fiber)    

  • Division 28 -- Electronic Safety and Security Division 

  • Division 33 – Utilities

  •             Instrumentation and Control for Utilities                    

  •             Communications Distribution                    

  •             Wireless Communications Distribution                    

  •             Wood Electrical Utility Poles                     

  •             Electrical Underground Ducts and Manholes                     

  •             Electrical Manholes and Handholes 

  • Division 40 Process Interconnections 

  •             Process control wiring  

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